Sunday, March 19, 2017

Update on Felipe's new home - by Mary Lynch

Dear friends who are helping with having a house built for Felipe,

IT IS  COMING ALONG WELL ... and, in fact, it should be finished in less than 3 weeks. It has turned out that it will be about 12'x9' and it has cost a little more than anticipated, but thanks to all of you, we should make it. 

I am very relieved to think that Felipe will  be brought  down from his dark, isolated room to a place with windows and where he will be with his family, who will be able to lift him outside to watch the world go by - check out the view!

Above are some photos of the work in progress. the first photo is  of his  uncle , who only has the use of one  hand, the 3rd one is of his grandmother and mother who are sorting the coffee beans; they are very relieved to know that Felipe will soon be living down there with them again after his hut had been  wiped out by Tropical Storm Agatha (in May 2010).

I am really very moved  by your response and really can't thank you enough for supporting this project, that will make such a difference in the life of a man who has suffered so much.

I'll keep you posted.
Thank you,

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