Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stoves Transform Lives - posted by Linda

In San Antonio Palopo, people spend many hours gathering wood, or precious dollars buying it. Everywhere, wood is carried up the hill to burn for cooking and warmth. ONIL stoves burn 70% less firewood than open hearth fires and stop homes from filling with health destroying smoke.  This young woman lives alone in a tiny space made of rough boards and metal sheets.  Inside it is filled with a few simple possessions and cages of chickens and turkeys, which she raises.  She sleeps on a rush mat on the dirt floor, in front of her ONIL stove, which she received last year.  She was so happy to show us her new stove, and thanked us with an offer of a couple of fresh eggs, carefully brought out of a little basket. Such a sweet and generous gesture.  

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