Saturday, March 7, 2015

Volunteers in San Antonio Palopo

Kathy, Linda and Mary have been in San Antonio Palopo now almost 2 weeks.  This is a place of spectacular beauty and immense poverty.  We have had a productive time and have been very busy in meetings with the Colectiva and our staff person, Brenda.  We were incredibly lucky to make  a connection with a Guatemalan woman who works with indigenous women's groups and she has volunteered her expertise and skill to assist in the ongoing training and support of the Colectiva and Brenda.  Magdalena has already met with them for two workshops; she is inspiring.  Walking on the many footpaths through the village always brings a surprise, like watching the women wash chickens in preparation for a special feast, 

or talking to these men (below) resting from packing heavy loads up the hill.  

Riding pickup trucks is the way to get in and out of town and is quite an adventure.  It is a privilege to be here, where we are welcomed with friendly smiles and are feeling positive about our work.  More on that in the next entry.  

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