Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A note from Mary Lynch

Hi friends and supporters of our Guatemala project.

I am finally back after 8 years to work on our project here in  San Antonio Palopo on the shores of Lake Atitlan. I am so happy to be back in this village that I love so much - in spite of the extreme poverty, it is beautiful and the people have been so warm and welcoming.

We have been very busy with our  projects, especially working with the centre in the little casita, where we have programs for women and children in great need. One of my favourites is the lunch we serve once a week to a group of 17 ancianas - elderly women, some of whom  have only this one full meal a week. Most of them are barefoot and have only a few teeth left, but they are delightful to  spend time with; even though they speak little Spanish (they speak their indigenous language), we somehow communicate beautifully. Yesterday, we all danced together after lunch - lots of smiles and chuckles and some tears.

One of our concerns is that the temporary school in the basement of the church, established after the school was damaged by the mudslides 5 years ago, is being forced out of the church on March 31st. As the government  won't build a proper school, another temporary school for 500 students is being built by the parents on top of the mercado and as, again, there was no  government help, we are financing it. And we think our government is bad!

We only have a week left - it will be hard to leave - and we have so much more to do.

Much love to all of  you and a heartfelt thank you for your interest and support,


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