Wednesday, November 5, 2014

San Antonio Palopo - photos from Kathy Coster

These photos sent by Kathy tell a lovely story. The little village of San Antonio Palopo is looking very tidy and lush. The kites are flown on the Day of the Dead - November 1. Click on the images to enlarge.

  Brenda is honoring her grandfather at the cemetery.

          Decorating the graves

      Pamela entertaining some friends - Elmer and Selvin

        Brenda modelling one of the new shawls
        Another beautiful kite - power outages are a given!
      Making tortillas in the casita kitchen. Petrona is in the centre.

         The ancianas enjoy a healthy lunch
          Finishing a traditional Pepian meal
 Beading workshop. The beading, which is the length of the board, is sewn onto a woven belt or faja.

    Martina, a new board member.

      Some preferred the steps
  Looking along the side of the casita up to the shed. Flowers in the foreground and vegetables (radishes, carrots, tomatoes, herbs) at the top.
     Maria Yolanda with her 5th baby, and Kathy's Goddaughter

     Francisca and Sandra from the other co-op.

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