Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Gifts with a Difference

Here's a change from the usual rush to the malls 
to try to find that perfect gift. 
What about sending a special Christmas card to your dear ones, saying that a gift has been made in their name to support the people of 
San Antonio Palopo in Guatemala?

You could help a Mayan family get a clean-burning, fuel-efficient stove that will give them the gift of health. It helps the larger community as well, improving air quality, decreasing deforestation, and slowing down climate change. 

(Note: You might want to go together with a friend to buy a stove ($125), or give one stove to several people -- we can send you a number of cards for one stove.)

It's very difficult for poor Mayan students to attend secondary school. Your gift (of any amount) will help a Mayan student get an education.

The Centro provides programs for preschoolers up to seniors. Imagine being able to help these villagers move ahead with literacy, skills, and basic needs.

If you would like to make a donation, and receive some of our cards (like these shown here) to use for Christmas gifts, please contact Susan at LatinAmerica@innovativecommunities.org

Thank you so much for supporting the villagers of San Antonio Palopo.

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  1. That's amazing.... over 1000 stoves installed - how many homes are there in San Antonio still to go?