Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update from Jacqueline

Weaving and sewing to create needed income for women has been a recent focus. This has been great fun; contagious enthusiasm was evident yesterday as over 28 artisans gathered together at our centre for my seminar on weaving coordinates. Being an artist, I presented an animated course on colour combinations and the importance of understanding the principles of design, a knowledge that can indeed make a major difference in the successful marketing of the product. We hope you will enjoy the new scarf designs. We worked together to decide on consistent dimensions, quality, and fair prices. Together we detailed the expenses that would be incurred from start to finish in making a scarf - this received attentive interest. As a result the group has plans to form an association in support of weavers thereby assuring consistent fair pricing for weavers.

Last week in La Cruz we had the grand opening of the new women's center. The enthusiasm was contagious as  mothers and babies enjoyed the lively presentations and began to appreciate the reality of a special gathering place and sanctuary for women. It is quickly becoming the heart of the community and the volunteer directors are busy planning new courses in sewing and cooking. In the small village of Xepec we were recently honoured at a formal gathering ceremony of gratitude for our gift of energy efficient stoves. All of the school children and many parents and elders were present as we sang all twelve verses of the Guatemalan anthem and held hand to heart as the flag was carried. After many speeches, a feast for all was served which included 25 chickens in a delicious traditional stew.

With these celebrations, the gratitude of all is evident and we feel blessed to be a catalyst in helping to improve the circumstances of those in the impoverished communities we serve.
Reported by Jacqueline Mealing (above)

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