Sunday, January 8, 2012

Introductions ... and cooking pot distribution

At the Qawinak Centre

This morning, Kathy, Maria and Tricia attended the Qawinak Centre to be introduced to the youngsters who take part in the Saturday program run by Felipa, an assistant and a volunteer. The kids took turns introducing themselves and telling us what they liked to do most at the Centre. Many of the thirty or so boys and girls were very shy, so  Felipa encouraged them to speak with confidence, which was usually accompanied by loads of giggling.  When we finished the children carried on playing card games, doing jigsaw puzzles and reading books until it was time to leave.
In the afternoon, we travelled via "pick-op" from San Antonio Palopo to Santa Catarina Palopo to distribute cooking pots  (a big one and a small one) to the women who had just received stoves.  Rodolfo, and Ursula of Santa Catarina and Brenda of San Antonio, organized the distribution at Rodolfo's home. The women patiently sat on the floor until everyone had arrived; some were feeding babies, some were holding small children; all were dressed in the beautiful colours traditionally worn by the women of Santa Catarina. The huipiles (blouses) they wear are made of an exquisite deep-blue intricate weave and usually the turban-like headwear is made of a deep burgundy velvet fabric. Before the distribution, a small candle-lighting ceremony was held and speeches were made. The women's deep-felt appreciation was palpable, and there was much hugging and kissing before they left to try out their new pots on their ONIL stoves.

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