Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Screening Day 1 - Centro Qawinak

After the announcements were made over the Municipality loudspeaker to advise that a dental clinic would be held, we were unsure how many of the people of San Antonio Palopo would make their way to the Centro Qawinak to have their teeth checked today. We needn't have worried that the word hadn't been broadcast - at the end of the day we had screened 43 adults and children, most of whom will require treatment - extractions, fillings, cleaning and scaling, root extractions, etc.  We (Dr. John, Maria and Tricia) were going full throttle all day from eight in the morning, when we had to lug an examination bed from the Health Clinic to the Centre, till after five in the evening. We were assisted ably with translation (from Spanish to Kaqchikel) by Brenda from San Antonio Palopo and Izabel from Santa Catarina Palopo. Tomorrow we repeat the screening process and on Thursday we will start treatment and surgery at the Health Clinic. Here are a few photos from today's work at Centro Qawinak:

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